Top 3 Stocks I am Bullish on in September 2022

It is understandable that many investors are unsure of where to start given the fact that there are many publicly traded firms available for investment. Additionally, many equities are currently trading for substantially less than they did six or twelve months ago, especially in the case of growth stocks, as a result of the recent market collapse.

Then again, which stocks are the greatest to buy in 2022? I’ll list the top three stocks that I think will perform well in September 2022.


In the last two trading days, the shares of SBI, the largest PSU bank in India, have increased by almost 3%, and they are currently trading at Rs 200 per share. On the subject of asset quality, the State Bank of India benefits. PSUs receive 40% of SBI’s domestic business loans, and employees of government agencies and public sector organizations make up two-thirds of its mortgage portfolio. Moreover, government workers receive 90% of the personal loans made by SBI. Since SBI is owned by the government, sticky cost ratios and quick money transfers are a result. SBI, on the other hand, has so far resisted giving in, in contrast to other PSU banks that were unable to stand firm and lost market share to lenders from the private sector. Throughout the past ten years, SBI has increased or maintained its market share in deposits, loans overall, Casa, retail assets, and deposits. Strong subsidiaries are offered by the lender. As a result of SBI’s strong distribution network, all SBI subs have compounded by a 25–40% CAGR over the past three to five years and have emerged as market leaders. SBI should keep rapidly compounding at a rate of 40% of the target price.

Adani Ports

With a target price of Rs 960, experts have a buy call on Adani Ports. Adani Ports’s share price as of right now is Rs 907.05. Adani Ports is a large cap company that works in the shipping industry. It was founded in 1998. For the quarter that ended on June 30, 2022, the firm recorded consolidated total income of Rs 5099.25 crore, up 3.26% from the same quarter last year and up 15.42% over the previous quarter’s total income of Rs 4417.87 crore. The company’s most recent quarter saw a net profit after tax of Rs 986.13 billion.


ITC beat the previous high and now leads the Nifty index. Furthermore, the price of ITC shares on stock exchanges has risen to a three-year high. In a market environment that was erratic and caused by spillovers from macroeconomic uncertainties, ITC has earned some significant gains. ITC is regarded as a classic value stock to own going forward, but its potential is only getting started. ITC stock has increased by an astounding over 44% in the past year when compared to its most recent 52-week high. However, as of now in 2022, it has grown by around 38%. ITC is getting close to joining the group of the top 10 most valuable firms. On the BSE, it is now ranked as the 11th most valuable company, just behind Bharti Airtel, which is the tenth most valuable company.

I have high hopes for each of these stocks and believe they are excellent investments at the moment. If you’re just beginning, be sure to conduct your own study. The three equities we’ve talked about here are among the top long-term stock bets you can make right now. However, it is advisable to begin with the stocks that call to you and feel free to disregard the rest.

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