Why selling SBI share could be a Good decision Now?

SBI (State Bank of India) is a government-owned bank that was established in 1955. India’s State Bank is ranked 43rd in the world and first in the country. Mumbai, Maharashtra is the headquarters of the SBI. Across India, SBI has 22140 branches and 60000 ATMs. In 1994, the stock of SBI was valued at 18 rupees. The share price began at 18 rupees in 1994 and rose to a price of 450 rupees in 2022.

SBI Share Price History

Price chart

As you can see in the graph above, it climbed significantly in 2014 and by a large margin in 2015. The SBI shares reached a high of almost 300 rupees. That would have been an ideal time to sell your stock at that point. In the next year, it plummeted dramatically. It dropped by nearly half, from 300 to 150. For investors, it was a jarring period. Then, in 2017, it began to rise again, continuing on an upward trajectory. It reached a high of 350 rupees at the end of 2017, but then plummeted below 250 rupees in 2018. It crossed the 350-rupee level in 2019 and remained stable for a time. However, in 2020, the pandemic began, causing the market to plummet, and SBI’s stock fell below 150 rupees once more. It was a particularly difficult time for investors. SBI’s stock began to gather traction in 2021, and it continued to increase until 2022, when it reached an all-time high of 550 rupees. If you look at the statistics in the past, you can see that it is on an upward trend. However, there is a potential that it will fall again. And you never know how much of a fall it might take. So, to be on the safe side, you should sell your SBI shares right now.

When the company released its March quarter earnings on May 13, the share price of State Bank of India plummeted in early trade on May 16th. SBI’s net profit increased by 41% year over year to Rs 9,113.5 crore, falling short of the Street’s forecast of Rs 9,927.6 crore. The company’s net profit was the greatest it had ever been, but shares fell a little more than 1% as a result of the news. The rise in profit was fueled by a 15.3 percent gain in net interest income, which stood at the price of Rs 31,198 crore, somewhat below analysts’ projections of Rs 31,570 crore. Non-interest income fell 27% year over year, disappointing investors. However, it increased by 37 percent year over year, while net interest income increased by only 1.6 percent.

However, Dalal Street analysts predicted that the company would recover due to its expanding market share and tremendous development potential. According to analysts, SBI’s stock price will gain from its extensive network, lower customer acquisition costs, higher asset-quality clients, and greater cross-sell prospects.


In the previous two years, the share price of SBI, or State Bank of India, has been on a roller coaster. At the end of the 14th of June, SBI’s stock closed at 448 rupees. With 0.48 percent, we can see that it is now on an upward trend. When it comes to price predictions, it is predicted to hit a high of 750 rupees and a low of 546 rupees in 2022.

What was the price of SBI stock in 1995?

In 1995, SBI’s stock was trading at 21 rupees per share.

In 2025, how much will SBI’s stock be worth?

SBI’s share price is expected to reach 966 rupees in 2025.

What will SBI’s stock price be in 2030?

SBI shares are expected to reach a target price of 1933 rupees by 2030.

So Is it a good idea to invest in SBI stock?

SBI shares have maintained their Buy rating, and the brokerage has selected it as its top investment selection for the month. The company is still considered one of the best investments. Asset quality and loan expansion contributed to the outstanding result.

Because 74 percent of loans are floating rate, there is room to increase profits. To meet loan expansion, the balance sheet is robust and the capital adequacy ratio is acceptable. 

As previously said, it is recommended that you sell your SBI shares now and then buy them again at a lower price when they fall again. Make your own research, examine historical tendencies, and then make your decision.

Disclaimer: This is not an investment advise. Please DYOR before buying or selling SBI or any other stocks.

Axis Mutual Fund Scam

Axis Mutual Fund Scandal 2022: What it is and everything you want to know

What is Axis Fund Scandal 2022? In simple words, two Axis Bank Mutual Fund managers, Viresh Joshi and Deepak Agarwal were alleged to front run buy and sell of stocks and price rigging. When you have the information of what stocks an organisation would be buying in large quantity, and you buy those stocks before the company buys, being a part of the same organisation is nothing but front running, and is illegal. They have now been suspended from their positions.

Axis Mutual Fund: Investors can be harmed when buying

During the fiscal extremity of 2007-2008, a number of people were hurt by investing in fiscal products called subprime mortgages, which ended up in foreclosure. Subprime mortgages are mortgages issued to borrowers with credit histories that are below the norms of lenders. One of the products that was tied to this kind of loan was called the collateralized debt obligation. Collateralized debt scores (CDOs) were made up of individual mortgage securities. CDOs were packaged and vended to investors around the world. In 2008, numerous people lost their life savings when the casing request collapsed. 

Fiscal extremity

The noise of the slack In 2015, the United States frugality grew at an periodic rate of 3.1 percent, the fastest in four times. The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates low to encourage growth and reduce severance. While the frugality has grown, pay envelope growth has been fairly tepid. The result is that numerous people are not earning enough to pay for their living expenses and are not suitable to save plutocrats to buy their own homes or start their own businesses. The effect has been to produce what is called slack in the frugality. Slack is a time-grounded account term. It means there is not enough work to produce the goods and services people need and want. The term “slack” is used to describe the gap between what people want and what they can do. Some economists say slack makes it delicate to have a strong frugality. 

There is one product that people who do not want to live with the consequences of slack have been looking at. It is called the veritably suitable product, or VSP, for short. The VSP is a withdrawal savings program that provides people with a guaranteed income when they reach withdrawal age. It is a subvention. A guaranteed income is generally handed when people retire either because they can no longer work or because they have not earned enough to pay for the effects they need to live. The VSP provides a guaranteed minimum income for life. As people get older, the income they receive from the VSP increases. When people reach withdrawal age, they have a choice of withdrawing their income from the VSP, or they can admit a lump sum payment. With the lump sum payment, they can pay for the effects they need to live, or they can use their plutocrats to start a new business or to invest in commodities differently that will make them plutocrats.

Demonstration in Feb 22

As per Axis MF note some irregularities have been noticed in Feb-2022 and after inquisition on these irregularities 2 fund executives namely Deepak Agarwal and Viresh Joshi has been suspended. The note states that after 2 months of disquisition action has been taken against the executives however it’s the 4th month that is currently running. The bank has washed away their hands citing they have suspended the fund executives involved in swaddling after being targeted for not mentioning about the depth of damages incurred due to irregularities.

They also mentioned that none should trust the rumors’ circulating in the media.  They also stated that this is an integrity / commercial governance issue. They also mentioned that funds that are invested in index or large cap finance are prone to zero or less damage however for investment in other funds damage is yet unknown.

And if these funds would have been invested in smallcap finance with low volume then the stock prices would have fallen considerably.

If fund executives are the only who are being benefited from these illegal practices, then there is no damage to the MF schemes.

However, if we assume that such sensitive information is shared and everyone except the mutual fund scheme is benefitted then it is a serious problem.

Albeit this might not be the case with indicator finance or large cap finance as their volume is veritably high.

The problem shall arise in smallcap stocks where the volume is low.  Brokers can buy outspoken and sell them on the day when MF house is copping them and make plutocrats.

Front Running: What it is and why it is illegal ?

Front-running is the practice of trading in securities ahead of large customer orders. It is a serious securities transaction offence.  It not only erodes clients trust but can also lead to losses or inferior prices for clients.  Mutual funds originally place large orders which  can sway away securities prices, allowing people with information about the trades to make outsized profit. Those charged for front running, get robust information regarding which stocks will be dealt in large quantities in advance and before this trade shall execute then invest in that stock by their personalized accounts and as soon as the broker executes this order, the value of the share rises and the broker sells the shares he bought booking his profit.

A modest trouble 

The MF house shall dissect multiple stocks & plan to buy or square off them on a specific day or week through their MF portfolios.  However, when stocks are bought or sold in bulk, there are chances of price action i.e. prices of stock can either go upward or can go down.  Fund executives are required to have this information with them handy well ahead of such situation occurs.

The fiscal crunch: Noise of slack

I know in this situation as an investor you are worried about your funds but frankly we can’t do much.  Markets have recently taken a beating resulting in a fall of  NAV. In this phenomenon, if investors of axis mutual funds rush for withdrawal, new fund executives shall be pressured to sell funds at prevailing prices which will create more panic. Analyzing the current scenario I shall suggest investors to take a final call only after we get a clear picture, till then my advice shall be to continue their possession. Albeit you can also halt your SIPs or divert this investment to some other funds until everything is transparent.

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make money in India as a students

How to Make money in India As a student: 10 best ways out!

Our generation is blessed with things like the internet, skills, relatively supported parents, etc. which makes living better and allows various opportunities to make money in India as a student than it was decades ago. Many today are not afraid to follow their passion and nurture their hobbies. Also, we are getting on a different track from pure Indian culture. 

make money in India as a students

This generation believes in fulfilling their demands rather than adjusting like old fine times. Not for bad but with technology and easier reach of the internet in every area living standards have been changed. To afford that standard one doesn’t believe in relying on their parents for every need as that somewhere involves restrictions and also many do not wanna pressurize elders with extra expenses.

Why is it important for Students to Make Money in 2022?

Being a student earning money nowadays is important and relatively easier too. With a growing world, needs have grown similarly too. People are willing to pay if they are getting their work done exactly as they want it. Starting to earn from the age you enter into a college makes it a good habit. Having a habit of earning money is one which stays for long. 

There are many students who want to start earning but our country doesn’t have a lot of employment opportunities which involve students. Well, such things are changing of course. Still there is time to make it normal as it is in western countries and why not when things change with time they are better as compared to an instant forcible change.

Reasons a student should make money in India

  • Having quite a handful of money makes students realise what it means to earn. Learning such values makes life better and easier.
  • To avoid wasting time it is important to get indulged in things which will be fruitful eventually.
  • One should know how to balance living with earning even without a degree. Degrees should add value not become dependency. 
  • To support additional needs or filthy expenses it is the best way out.

10 Ways to make money in India as a student

So, for all the students who want to earn money for whatever cause – here are the ways to do that.

If you have a hobby – play with it and grow the best out of it

Almost everyone has a hobby like writing, designing, elocute etc. for which many internships, training, freelancing, events are available. All you need to do is use the internet effectively. Do search about the requirement in relation to your hobby, say designing, you can get social media designing work or e-cards designs like stuff and earn enough to meet your expenses. No worries if you do not have such interests we got you covered in later points.

Teach what you are learning or what you have learnt

This is something one can do and grow their future in the same as well. There are many who became famous tutors like this only. Being in fields like medical, mathematics, professional courses (CA,CMA, CS) one has a greater base of knowledge which can be used to share the same with others as tuition. This can help you in two ways. If you are more involved in self-study, you can teach your fellow students who are weak in some particular subject else, your juniors are the key to start your business. Learn and spread knowledge to earn.

Work for a Assignment Writing Company

If you are not good with teaching too, work as an assignment writer as it comes with handsome amount of money for a student. This is a place where you get to do assignments for internal examination using tools in order to avoid plagiarism. That is quite well paying depending on your speed and efficiency. It also does not require you to possess any expertise or knowledge. All you need is time. Using this, you can grow in teams to where you can delegate working once you get your hands on with all the control. Kind of earn through your team. Many assignment companies have huge vacancies.

Use reels not to waste time but to earn fine

One can grow your social media presence using instagram reels. You can make reels by providing knowledge, where areas can be current affairs, answering questions for interviews, sharing news related to bollywood or hollywood, tips and tricks for yoga/ workout/ hairstyles/ makeup, thoughts about what’s trending and how to follow trends in a particular segment, reviews on books, movies, songs, events etc. Here, this is not as easy as you think it is. But consistency is the key for everything one can achieve.

Youtube is similar and another way to earn

Make content for youtube which is in demand. One can use the same ideas as from the above point. Youtube offers you additional services like teaching in private using youtube. Well we all are aware of this as Covid-19 made schools and tuitions do the same. One if great in humour or gaming can use that on youtube too. Those kinds of videos are quite famous on youtube. You can either start your own Youtube channel in different niches you are expert at or make videos for other channels and earn money as a student.

If you have enough time use it in part time physical work

This is totally different from all we were discussing till now. With so many outlets and brands growing in India nominal cost workers are always on demand. You can search for causal timing job roles if you have the same routine. Such jobs can be in outlets like McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza hut or other ones located in malls, shopping centers etc. find a role where you have to do basic stuff like taking orders as who doesn’t know how to use tablets. Else in cosmetic, candy kiosks like something. Here you need to make sure of a few things before you start. That is, your job role must not need expertise, it must be an hourly paid job or you can also go for a job having multiple shifts depending on your free time. Make sure not to mess up with your studies as this will not be your dream job.

If you belong to a metro city go for events happening

Many malls and cafeterias have events going on where they need many skills starting from anchor to artists. You can start by joining events for free or lesser amount of money and continue participating. This work doesn’t need any special skill. Only socialising will make it better in terms of money. Be careful about frauds.

MNCs might need you to take up non operating tasks

This can be an option too. Many big companies need people for CSR activities, volunteers for their events and experiments. Also, many provide training which are paid and also add to your portfolio as a student. For illustration, almost all newspapers need a fun column , many need fresh minds to provide them with creative content. If you have ideas, learn from them. There you can get quite good pocket money.

Be a book/show reviewer

If you are interested in book reading, watching shows, using new products – this is perfect for you. Many websites publishing e-novels need readers to give feedback about how much they liked it. It’s all free; they will provide you with an e-book and you can choose a timeline you will be completing such a book in. similarly, for shows. Best part here is no contractual obligation – one can leave any time and pick up again with free time just login, choose your book, start reading and get paid for telling how much you have liked it with some briefing required. Hence, earning money is easier as a student with this.

You can also post paid reviews

There are many organisations who work for building brand images. Giving money for writing reviews needs nothing other than basic writing skills. This has work based payments. Quite an easy way to get money in your pocket and get knowledge about many things. 

How to Make money in India as a Student?

How much can one make money as a student using such methods ?

Earning depends upon the type of work and industry one is willing to pick up. It may vary in experience and skills too. In case one goes for fixed payment monthly that is easier than the per hour or task wise.

 Where can one find work ?

One can find internships and training from either applying directly through the website of the company you want to approach or if you have nothing in mind use third parties like Internshala, Indeed and so on. For freelancing, approaching companies directly will be more beneficial.

What is the way to make money in India as a student?

Consistency is the key to everything. Making money as a student is the new way you look at the world. Growth needs patience and analytics about how patient one should be and what deal will be profitable at the end of the day. To know about this experience works the best no one can guide you here.

What are the things one should avoid while working as a student?

Few things one shouldn’t do – 

  • Do not switch frequently and solely based on money. Consider other factors too.
  • Do not commit to the work you don’t have time for. Repeated delays can add negative points to your image.
  • Make sure that the way you choose interests you. As making money as a student only works with constant motivation.
  • Do not compromise your study. Keep that your priority.
  • Avoid signing any time bond or anything. Offer letters are different and important to get signed.


Doing work for extra money in hand is not the only task. Taking into account what such work can do for you is also important. Such work must shape your future other than in terms of money and provide you with knowledge. Get something to write in your portfolio and experience the world. That thing must help you to grow and one should enjoy what they do. An important thing to remember is this isn’t your dream job but not also something you shouldn’t try to grow in. 

Happy money making!

CIBIL Score vs. Credit Score.

CIBIL Score vs. Credit Score. What is the difference?

The first thing any bank or financial institution will ask if you go for a loan or credit card is your credit score or CIBIL Score. For many of us, these two words mean the same, however, this isn’t the case my friends. CIBIL Score is a credit score itself, I know it might be confusing but let us understand the difference between the two together step by step.

Credit Score

A credit score is a 3-digit number that defines your worthiness for getting credit. It ranges from 300 to 900 where any score above 750 is considered a good score.

The numbers start adding the second you take a loan or credit card. They are calculated by taking into consideration your borrowing history, your account, total debt that you owe, your repayment history and the enquires you make like applying for a loan or credit card.

Your credit score helps you get a loan easily and immediately but also helps in deciding your interest rates.

Doesn’t a Credit score sound just like CIBIL score? Have patience, we’re getting to that slowly.

Credit Bureaus

A credit bureau is an agency that provides you with your credit score and report. It complies with the information it needs to generate a score primarily from the government and lenders.

It is the credit bureau’s responsibility to collect and distribute information about your creditworthiness and generate a score.

Major Credit Bureaus

There are 4 major credit bureaus in India that provide you with a credit score and report. These are as follows:

  1. TransUnion CIBIL: It is the most used and popular credit bureau in India. It came into existence in 2000 and has been linked with many NBFCs and several banks, offering a comprehensive report to help people meet their financial needs and get loans.
  2. Equifax: It is one of the 4 major bureaus that started in 2006 and till 2010 it was fully functional with an operational license.
  3. Experian: This is a multinational credit reporting company established in 1996 however, started operating in 2010.
  4. CRIF High Mark: It is RBI approved credit provider in India, which was founded in 2005.

How is CIBIL Score different from the Credit Score?

Now that we have understood what credit score is and what the 4 major credit providing bureaus are, it will be very easy to understand the slight difference that exists between CIBIL Score and Credit Score which in fact makes a huge difference.

Do you know the full form of CIBIL?

Maybe you do or maybe you don’t. let me just tell it for a better understanding of everyone.

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited is what CIBIL stands for.

Can you see Credit being a part of the full form of CIBIL, I can too! Seeing this you might be wondering that the CIBIL is also a Credit provider so, what’s the difference.

Yes, TransUnion CIBIL is no doubt a credit score and report provider however, it has created a brand of itself. Just like every product by Apple has a definite identity that connects it with the company (iPhone6, iPhone7 or Apple earphones, Apple chargers etc) Similarly, any service that CIBIL provides has a name that connects it to the company.

CIBIL Score is a credit score but just because CIBIL is so popular and amongst the top 4 Credit Bureaus, it is often considered a separate entity.

So, to put it straight CIBIL Score is also a Credit score but for a credit score to be considered a CIBIL score then it must be checked from TransUnion CIBIL.

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Why do people often get confused between CIBIL Score and Credit Score?

Almost every bank and financial institution prefer checking Credit score from CIBIL which is the major reason why people get confused between CIBIL score and credit score.

Why do banks and financial institutions prefer CIBIL over anything else?

They prefer CIBIL over any other credit providing bureau because of its popularity, reliability, and trustworthiness.

Can the CIBIL Score differ from the Credit Score? If yes, then why?

Yes, it is very much possible that your CIBIL score might be different from your Credit Score. It is because CIBIL uses slightly different criteria to check, judge our credit history and generate scores than other Credit providing bureaus.

Why did Elon Musk buy Twitter

Why did Elon Musk buy Twitter? Reasons Explained in 5 minutes!

Elon Musk in an interview expressed how he believed that Twitter has become more like a de facto town square and how he is not buying Twitter as a financial investment but as a social service for the public good.

Before we dive deeper into why Elon Musk Bought Twitter, let us know more about the trillionaire businessman and Twitter.

What is Twitter?

Founded in March 2006, Twitter is an American social networking and microblogging site where users can interact with the public via tweets.

On Twitter, registered users can post, like and retweet while unregistered users can only read tweets that are publicly available for all.

Twitter is currently a piece of trending news due to it being brought by Elon Musk.

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk, born in 1971, is an investor, entrepreneur, and a business magnate with a net worth of around 26,500 Crore USD.Elon-Musk

Elon is now owning Twitter. With around 84 million followers and no strategy on how to handle his accounts, he says his tweets are just a reflection of a stream of consciousness.

But how did he end up buying Twitter, let us see how?

Let us see how this started: Buying Twitter

After buying 9% of Twitter’s shares for around 2.65 billion dollars he tweeted about it which subsequently helped twitter as they experienced the largest intraday surge of around 27% since 2013.

Being offered a seat on Twitter’s board of directors would have made any one of us happy but Elon wasn’t satisfied. He had some plans in mind for Twitter and with a prohibition on how much per cent of the company’s share he could buy, he knew it wasn’t the right thing to do.

Thus, before his appointment on a board of directors became effective i.e., on April 9, he declined the offer.

Then on the 14th of April, he made an unsolicited offer to buy Twitter for 43 billion dollars. He wanted to take the company private and a safe space for people to express and put into use their freedom of speech.

To block Elon’s takeover of the company, Twitter introduced a Poison Pill strategy the next day. However, on the 20th of April, he made a tender offer to buy Twitter at around 46 billion dollars.

This was accepted by Twitter just a few days after on the 25th of April.

Why did Elon buy Twitter if not for money?

Twitter has extraordinary potential said Elon in a letter to Brett Taylor the board of directors of Twitter. I will unlock it he added.

An interview with Elon shared how he wasn’t buying Twitter for money i.e., as a financial investment. If not this, then why did he buy Twitter? Let us see why?

He believes that Twitter wasn’t protecting the principle of free speech of its users thus, he even conducted a poll on Twitter asking his fans, follower, and the public if they believed that Twitter was protecting the freedom of speech and around 70% of 2 million people votes no.

He wants to increase the trust of the public on the platform by making it an inclusive place with true freedom of speech.

However, there could be some hidden reasons.

Elon Musk is best at marketing on Twitter. He has 84M followers and he uses it every now and then to market its products on the platform.

He did not want to lose the influence he has on the platform.

By acquiring Twitter, he has now booked free advertisement for SpaceX, Tesla, Dogecoin, Bitcoin and anything he invests in.

What was the reaction once the news of Elon buying Twitter came out?

The second the news hit Twitter, there was seen a mixed reaction to it.

Some people like Elon’s fans, followers and a portion of the public showed huge excitement and hypes the news, while many others were concerned by the idea of the richest man in the world owning twitter and is planning to add it to his company’s many assets.

What plans does Elon have for Twitter now?

Elon Musk shared a few of many plans and rough ideas that he has stored for Twitter which he plans to execute now that he has bought Twitter.

Some of them are as follows,

  1. Edit button: – Elon is planning to add a time-sensitive edit button for all the tweets. For now, you can only delete the tweet if you feel you have made an error even if it is like a small spelling or grammatical mistake in a 100 words tweet. It is said that this was already in process, but Elon has made it official.
  2. Making things transparent: – Elon is planning to make the content moderation practice more transparent i.e., users will have full knowledge of whether their tweets are being promoted or de-emphasized.
  3. Remove bans: – Elon himself being a very prominent user of Twitter and a critic, thus, holds a huge power at changing the market with just a single tweet. Fearing a ban himself, it is said that Elon is planning to remove the practice of ban and only suspend an account for a limited amount of time.
  4. Making coding structure transparent: – Elon expressed how he plans to post twitter’s open-source data on Github so that people can access the company’s data, analyze it and put forward their suggestions if they have any.

Elon Musk buying Twitter: FAQ

Q1. How many shares could Elon buy if he joined Twitter as a board of directors?

Ans: As part of the deal, he could only buy 14.9% if he has accepted the offer.

Q2. Why wasn’t the 14.9% share enough for Elon Musk?

Ans: Elon had some plans in his mind for Twitter, but he could not bring them to action if he had become the board of directors as for what he had in his need he needed at least 15% of Twitter’s shares to execute.

Q3. What is the poison pill strategy?

Ans: poison pill was a strategy Twitter came up with to block Elon’s takeover of the company. In this strategy, shareholders were allowed to buy additional stocks if a hostile takeover occurred.

Q4. How much was Twitter sold for?

Ans: Twitter was sold for around 46 billion dollars to Elon Musk.

Q5. Who was the owner of Twitter before Elon Musk?

Ans: The Vanguard Group previously owned Twitter before Elon Musk.

Q6. When did Elon Musk buy Twitter?

Ans: On April 25th Twitter accepted Elon Musk offer thus, it can be said that Elon bought Twitter on the 25th of April. However, the company is yet to be gone private. The exact date is still unknown but it should be soon.

How to increase your CIBIL Score?

How to increase your CIBIL Score?

CIBIL Score is a three-digit number that summarizes all your credit history. It ranges from 300 to 900 where any score above 750 is considered a good score. 

Having a good score helps you get a loan faster and easier with an interest rate that suits your pocket.

Increasing your CIBIL Score is much easier than it seems to be, but the plans may differ according to your credit history. 

According to the credit history, there are two types of people:

  1. People who do not have a credit history 
  2. People who do have a credit history 

You may want to check these as well: – What is the CIBIL score and How is it calculated? and How to check CIBIL Score for free?

Increasing CIBIL Score when you do not have a credit history

A person with no credit history will be shown an NH on his/her CIBIL Score if they decide to check. Now it is very easy to get a kick start to your credit life, here are a few tips that help you increase your CIBIL Score in no time.

1) Take a secured Credit Card: – There are two types of credit cards, secured and unsecured ones. Now secured credit cards do not allow any income proof moreover, they don’t even check for your CIBIL Score, all you need is a deposit. 

Many banks provide you with a secured credit card against an FD that you make with them. 

 2)Loan Applications: – Many different applications provide small loans without checking for your CIBIL Score or any income proof. Now if you pay these loans fully, you will see a healthy and instant increase in your CIBIL Score. 

Understand that even though these things do not check for your CIBIL Score, they do impact it. So, repayment of your secured credit cards or these small loans should be done full and on time. 

How to Increase Your CIBIL Score when have a Credit History?

Increasing your CIBIL Score when you do have a credit history is more about improving or maintaining your score. Now many things can be done for that but before we get into that, let us understand why our score drops?

Why does CIBIL Score drop?

There are a few factors upon which your CIBIL Score depends, these are as follows: 

  1. Past Performance; it has over 30% weightage over your CIBIL Score,
  2. Credit Mix and Duration has 25%,
  3. Leverage has 25%,
  4. And other Factors have around 20%.

Now there are a few things related to these factors that impact your CIBIL Score, these are

Default in loan repayment

If you are unable to repay your loan due to any reason, such as financial hardship or have missed a credit card payment or have been a victim of fraud etc, then your CIBIL Score drops rapidly within a few months.

For example, if your score was around 800 and you missed a credit card payment then within just a month or two your CIBIL Score can drop down to 650 or even more if the amount you missed is huge.

The high amount of unsecured debts

If you take a lot of unsecured debts like way too many credit cards or personal loans then you are getting yourself in big trouble. 

These debts are not backed by the back and thus have no security, if you miss any payment or just by having too many unsecured debts cause a dip in your score.


It is the percentage of credit limit that you use. Using too much of your credit limit in a short amount of time can cause a drop in your score.

 For example, if your credit limit is 70 lakhs and you use around 60-65 of it in just 2 months then the score will drop immediately.


If you apply for way too many loans or do a lot of enquires in a short period then it is considered a hard inquiry and thus causes a drop in your CIBIL Score.

Joint accounts or add on credit or being a guarantor

If you have a joint account or have an add the credit card or are a guarantor to someone or your company then your score gets affected even when you are not the one defaulting it. 

Inaccurate information on Credit reports

There have been instances where people find inaccurate information on their CIBIL or Credit report. 

 This can happen because of a few reasons such as incorrect open account, partial or full repayment of loan which isn’t getting reflected on the bank or settled loan which isn’t updated. 

Now that we know why we see a drop in our CIBIL Score, let me give you some tips that have best worked for me and the people around me.

Tips to increase (improve or maintain) your CIBIL Score

Increasing CIBIL Score

A) Pay for your loans/credit cards on time: You must understand many times we are shown the option of paying a minimum amount, and we happily do that however, this affects our score very badly. 

So, make sure that you pay all for loan or credit card dues on time and if you tend to forget then opt for an automatic payment mode.

Moreover, if you are facing some financial situation or problem then once it gets resolved, pay off all your due.

 B) Credit Mix and Duration: Limit your expenses of unsecured credit to less than 20% of your total credit limit. 

To understand how we can calculate a rough credit limit then, let us imagine your monthly salary is around 50,000 rupees then your monthly credit limit will be 25,000 rupees and then if you multiply it by 100, you get your total credit limit to 25 lakhs. 

This would mean that your monthly credit spending for unsecured credit should be below 5000 or at least around 6000 to 7000. 

Moreover, make sure that you don’t take too many loans in a short time. 

 C) Don’t show credit hungry behaviour: Showing a credit hungry behavior would mean spending way too much of your credit limit. Limit your credit card spending to less than 30% of your credit limit or monthly salary.

Moreover, limit your EMIs to less than 40% of your monthly salary. 

 D) Manage your credit cards well: Don’t take too many credit cards, and make sure that you pay the dues in full and on time. 

In case of some financial issue, make sure that you at least pay for the minimum due amount because if you don’t, the missed payment will be counted as a default. 

Remember to never close your old credit cards even if you are not using them anymore or if it has no new or better benefits, as a good repayment history is always a plus point in your CIBIL Score. 

E) Alternative loans or credit cards: Many people don’t know but applying for alternate loans or credit cards helps you rebuild your credit history when it is down too low. 

Take a loan or credit card against security like LIC policy, FD, golf, mutual funds etc, as when you provide security, it eliminates the need to check the score. 

Remember that even if they do not check your CIBIL Score but it is based upon it. 

F) Monitor loan accounts: Keep a check of your accounts, especially if they are linked to a joint loan or if you are a guarantor of a loan someone or a company took.

G) Avoid using BUY NOW PAY LATER (BNPL) apps or facilities: These BUY NOW PAY LATER applications or facilities are a trend these days, but these show us as your loans for every purchase that you make, thus it affects your score very badly. 

Only use it if necessary and then also make sure that you pay all of it before the due date. 

H) Keep a check on your CIBIL Score: Checking your CIBIL Score at least once a month is important because there can be inaccuracies that you might find in your credit report which are affecting your score.

If you find any inaccuracies in your credit report, let the CIBIL know. File a report or complaint in the CIBIL consumer dispute resolution. 

Note: Even if you report or file a complaint, CIBIL will only take action to correct your score if your bank approves of that mistake.

How to check CIBIL for free

How to check your CIBIL Score for Free?

CIBIL Score is a 3-digit number that summarizes all your credit history to keep a record and check if you are capable of a loan or not.

Now the official site is used to provide a free CIBIL Score calculation with free things that were only made available if you upgrade your id. However, with time the CIBIL has now changed and has made 3 plans or subscription features to choose from to get your CIBIL Score checked. 

Yes, CIBIL does still provide you with a one-time free check of your CIBIL Score, but is one time enough? If you are planning to maintain a good CIBIL Score you need to keep a timely track of your CIBIL Score and if you want to do that with CIBIL, you will have to choose from their three plans which are as follows.

  1. BASIC: – 1-month plan for Rupees 550. 
  2. STANDARD: – 6-month plan for Rupees 800.
  3. PREMIUM: – 12-month plan for Rupees 1200.

CIBIL Score subscription packages

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Sites/Apps that check your CIBIL Score for free?

why go for these plans when you can get a lifetime free facility to check CIBIL Score from many other different sites?

Here is a list of sites that let you check CIBIL Score for free. 

  1. Amazon Pay,
  2. Bajaj FinServ, 
  3. Paisabazaar,
  4. BankBazaar,
  5. Paytm, 
  6. HDFC Bank, etc. 

The steps of checking the CIBIL Score if quite similar, however, let us go through them once together. 

How to check your CIBIL Score via Amazon Pay?

CIBIL Score check with Amazon pay

It is an online payment method owned by Amazon. It was launched in 2007, giving amazon users an option to pay with amazon pay not just on amazon but to external merchants as well.

Here are the steps to check your score on Amazon pay:

Step 1. Download Amazon app

Step 2. Create an account (if you already have one, log in)

Step 3. Go to the Amazon pay section on Amazon.

Step 4. Scroll down and look for the option of account.

Step 5. Click on the account.

Step 6. You’ll see a free credit score option on the screen, click on that.

Step 7. Enter your PAN number. 

Step 8. Click on verify and continue.

After verification of your PAN, you will get your CIBIL Score which is just as accurate as if you get it from the official site of CIBIL. 

If you want to see an in-depth analysis of your CIBIL Score, click on the full report at the end of the page, which will take you to the official site of CIBIL where you can see your CIBIL report. 

How to check CIBIL Score through Bajaj FinServ in less than 2 minutes?

Checking CIBIL Score through Bajaj FinServ

It is an Indian non-banking financial services company that focuses on providing facilities like lending, managing asset, managing wealth and insurance. 

Bajaj FinServ lets you check your CIBIL Score in just 2 minutes in a few simple steps and shows you the loan offers that you are eligible for. 

Here are the steps to check CIBIL Score on Bajaj FinServ.

Step 1. Go to Goggle and type in Checking CIBIL Score for free.

Step 2. Click on the Bajaj FinServ site and click on GET YOUR CIBIL SCORE.

Step 3. Enter your details and make sure they match your ID proofs.

Step 4. Verify your identity and confirm the OTP that comes to your mobile number or email address. 

Once you have verified your Identity, you can check your CIBIL report. 

Bajaj FinServ also provides you with customized loan plans you which are compatible with your CIBIL Score. 

How to check CIBIL Score via Paisabazaar for free?

Checking CIBIL Score via Paisabazaar. 

India’s largest online marketplace provides you with financial products.

Paisabazaar provides you with a lifelong free facility to check your score. 

The steps to check your score are as follow,

Step 1. Go to Google

Step 2. Click on Check Free CIBIL Score, which comes as an option below the official site of paisabazaar on the google search page.

Step 3. Fill in your personal details

Step 4. Verify your phone number which is linked or registered with any of your credit cards or loan.

Step 5. Click on get free credit report.

Once you click on it, you get your full CIBIL score along with a credit report. 

They also provide updates on your CIBIL score and report on your WhatsApp. 

How to check CIBIL Score with BankBazaar?

Checking CIBIL Score via BankBazaar. 

It is a neutral marketplace for customers and banks, where it passes creditworthy customers to the banks and lets the customer compare and choose from offers of different banks. 

Moreover, it lets your check your eligibility, apply for your loan and get approval in no time that too at the comfort of your home. 

BankBazaar is a sister arm of Paisabazaar. 

Let us see how to check our CIBIL Score on BankBazaar. 

Step 1. Go to the official site of BankBazaar.

Step 2. Click on the free credit score option.

Step 3. Fill in your first and last name.

Step 4. Enter your mobile and email address, which then gets verified with an OTP on your phone number.

Step 5. Enter your DOB

Step 6. Enter your PIN code.

Step 7. Lastly, enter your PAN card number.

Once your PAN gets verified, you get your CIBIL Score/Credit Score.

How to check CIBIL Score via Paytm app?

Checking CIBIL Score via Paytm

Paytm is a multinational finance technology company that specializes in digital payments, financial services and e-commerce. 

Here is how you can get your CIBIL score in just few steps via, Paytm,

Step 1. Go to the play store and download the Paytm app.

Step 2. Create an account on Paytm and log in.

Step 3. Link your PAN card to your account.

Step 4. Score down to loans & credit cards.

Step5. Click on Free Credit Score.

Once you click on it, you get your credit report which is verified by the CIBIL as well. 

How to check your CIBIL Score with HDFC Bank?

Checking CIBIL Score with HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank is a banking and financial service provider company. It is amongst India’s largest private sector banks.

Let’s see how to check your CIBIL Score through a bank. 

Step 1. Go to Google 

Step 2. Search for HDFC Bank CIBIL Score 

Step 3. Click on the Free CIBIL Score, Credit Score.

Step 4. Scroll down to the end of the page, and click on the Free CIBIL score simulator

Step 5. Create an account with HDFC Bank.

Step 6. Enter your details as per your bank records

Step 7. Click on continue,

Step 8. Go to member login and login into your account.

Once you log in, you get your CIBIL Score, along with some personalized offers from the bank. 


It is to be understood that apart from these sites/apps there are many other sites as well which can be used to check your CIBIL score for free; these are just a few popular ones. 

Remember that these sites, do stay in touch with you via emails and WhatsApp if you tick the check box where they ask for your permission.

It is to be noted that checking your CIBIL score, does not affect it as it is just a soft enquiry. Moreover, it is always safe if you are going through a trusted site. 

Make sure that you go through all the terms and conditions properly before filling in your details. 

How to calculate CIBIL Score and how to calculate it?

What is the CIBIL score and How is it calculated?

CIBIL Score is a 3-digit number that summarizes all your credit history to keep a record and check if you are capable of a loan or not.

It is the one thing that all the banks or financial institutions will require to approve your loan.

Let us see in detail what CIBIL is and why is it important in 2022.

CIBIL: Everything you need to Know

Who maintains CIBIL?

TransUnion CIBIL is what maintains the credit record of around 600 million people and for probably 35 million businesses in India.

Full form of CIBIL

CIBIL stands for – Credit Information Bureau India Limited.

What is CIBIL?

A CIBIL Score / Credit score is a 3-digit number that determines your worthiness for a loan. All the banks and financial institutions share the credit data and history of their customers with CIBIL, which can be accessible for any other bank to check on their website.

Why is CIBIL important?

CIBIL score is a must when it comes to applying for a loan or credit. Having a good credit or CIBIL score will imply that you have a good financial report and history-making the lenders have confidence in approving your loan or credit application.

CIBIL Score also determines your borrowing limit and the interest that you will have to pay on your loan.

What is a CIBIL Score?

Now for a better understanding of what a CIBIL Score is, let us take an example.

Imagine that Ravi went for a loan from a bank.

Before the start with the procedure of loan, they will assess to check whether Ravi will be able to pay back the loan or not and to do so they go to CIBIL and ask for your CIBIL score and credit history.

Remember that the type of loan you’re applying for also matters as there are secured loans like a car or home loans and unsecured loans like credit cards or cash loans.

The CIBIL score ranges from – 300 to 900; where anything above 750 is a good score for any bank or financial institution to give a loan.

Range of CIBIL Score

As mentioned above, the CIBIL score ranges from 300 to 900. Now let us see how where you stand affects Ravi’s loan.

There is a category amongst which Ravi must fall once his CIBIL is checked.

Now here is a dissection of the CIBIL score and how many per cents of people are there in each section.

825-900 ->where we see almost 19% of people

800-824 ->where we see almost 20% of people

775-799 ->where we see almost 21% of people

700-774 ->where we see almost 21% of people

300-699 ->where we see almost 19% of people

If Ravi falls under the second last category, then his chances of getting a loan might get low and he might not be able to get a good interest on his loan. Moreover, if he is in the last category then it can be said that his chances of getting a loan are very low and it is even possible that his application for a loan gets denied.

Now, if Ravi falls in the category of yellows, which are the first three categories or sections then he will get a cheaper and fast approved loan in his best interests on it.

Having a NA or NH on your CIBIL score

Apart from these 5 sections, 2 other possibilities can be seen once Ravi’s score will be checked. These 2 possibilities are: –

NA: – This means that there hasn’t been any credit activity done by him in past few years.

NH: – This means no credit history, i.e., either Ravi is new in the credit system, or he doesn’t have enough credit history.

Even if he falls under this category, he doesn’t have to worry about it as a simple credit card or a small loan will be enough to get him on track.

Tips: How to Maintain a good CIBIL Score?

Maintaining a good CIBIL score is not a huge task, there are just a few things that Ravi or anyone will have to keep in mind to maintain or even improve your CIBIL score. A few of these things are as follows,

  1. EMI repayments should be on time (Note: – Do not start the repayment before the set date because it might take away a few advantages of EMI repayments.)
  2. Credit card payments on time
  3. Keep a regular check on your credit report
  4. Mix and opt for different types of credits
  5. Never give a hint of risk
  6. Limit your credit utilization
  7. Avoid multiple loans at one time or short duration of time
  8. Don’t just randomly do credit enquires, keep in focus on the credit you need etc.

On What Basis is the CIBIL Score Calculated?

Now, let us imagine that Ravi got a satisfactory score which is around 750 and is asked to wait for the approval.

Ravi in this waiting period gets curious about what is the basis on which his score came up to be around 750 and starts looking online.

Now you don’t have to do it as well, here are the 4 main basis on which your or Ravi’s CIBIL score depends.

  • Repayment history: – By this we mean how your repayment track has been so far.
  • High Credit Utilization: – The more loans you get the higher your credit utilization so try to keep a check on how many loans you apply for.
  • Multiple Enquiries: – Doing multiple enquires can leave a red flag on your CIBIL profile so make sure that you are just searching for the loans you need.
  • Credit Mix: – Credit mix means having loans in different spheres like personal, housing, car etc. which makes your profile more versatile for the banks.

NOTE: If you check your CIBIL score it is considered a soft enquiry and does not affect your score no matter how many times you check it.

However, if banks or any other financial institutions check your credit score or report, then it is counted as a hard enquiry and thus affects your score.

Multiple hard enquires in a short period make you credit hungry and thus demonstrate a credit hungry behaviour which impacts your CIBIL score very badly.

How to calculate your CIBIL Score? 

Now, Ravi got his score checked by the bank but what for the rest of us?

Let us see how to calculate our CIBIL Score.

The official Site of CIBIL has various plans available for you to choose from based on how many times you wish to access your report. Moreover, there is a once time facility that lets you check your CIBIL score for free but just once.

Here are the steps to check the score for free, on the official site of CIBIL.

Step 1. Search for Free CIBIL score and click on Free CIBIL score and report on the official CIBIL website.


Step 2. Get your free CIBIL score now.

Step 3. Now you will have to create a profile which first includes some generic questions like email, password, name, surname, and your identity proof.

Step 4. After this, there will be some additional things that you will need to fill in like DOB, pin code, mobile number etc.

Step 5. The last step to complete the profile will be the verification of identity proof. In which you will be asked to give an alternate number and then answer a few questions. Once you answer all the questions your profile is complete.

Step 6. Go to member login, and once you log in click on get your CIBIL Score and voila you have your CIBIL score on one side and a tabular representation on the other side of where you stand.


There are a few things that can only be availed once you purchase at least a monthly package, for example, Credit summary or score history.

Moreover, you can also buy credit reports if you wish to.

Apart from the official site of CIBIL, you can check it for free from other sites too such as Bajaj Fiserv, Paisa Bazaar, Paytm etc however it may cause you disturbance afterwards as they might try to contact you via emails or calls or messages.

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ZestMoney Review

ZestMoney Review: The easiest way to buy things on EMI without a Credit or Debit Card?

ZestMoney is an Indian company founded by Priya Sharma, Lizzie Chapman, and Ashish Anantharaman in 2015 with a mission to make life easier and affordable for Indians. It is the largest and rapidly growing company that helps you break down your payments into 3 to 4 pocket-friendly parts with zero per cent (0%) interest.

What is ZestMoney?

ZestMoney is a platform that provides financial services using mobile tech, digital banking, and artificial intelligence to avail the services of EMI even to those Indians who do not have Credit or Debit cards.

It is their innovative technology that helps its customer to experience different brands and services while even managing their credits. It is ZestMoney’s work and technology that made the World Economic Forum select them as a technology pioneer in 2020.

ZestMoney vs Other Cards: What are the Advantages?

Over three hundred million people in India do not have the opportunity to buy and experience things due to their financial status and even though the EMI facility is available for many it is not for all.

Most people in India do not have access to credit cards or any other form of financial option to avail of such facilities due to their insufficient credit history.

Here are some reasons for choosing ZestMoney over any other alternative:

  • With zero interest in EMIs, it also has no joining fees or any hidden charges over your purchase and usage of this app.
  • You get your personalized plan and credit limit of up to 2 lakhs.
  • It has the fastest approval process with no extra paperwork or credit card needed to complete the formalities.
  • They are accepted in almost ten thousand online stores and eighty thousand retail stores.
  • It is an app that is not just trusted but loved by, over eleven million happy users and with 4.7 stars on the Play store.

Does ZestMoney affect your CIBIL?

ZestMoney is a lender to put it simply so yes, all the EMI payments made to ZestMoney get reported to CIBIL. Thus if you miss any payment for the EMI, there can be a decline in your CIBIL score.

Remember, timely payments of your EMI will always have a positive impact on your CIBIL score.

Installed ZestMoney: How to activate ZestMoney?

The activation process of Zest is quite easy and can be done without getting up from your seat even once for any documents or paperwork.

Let us see how to do it together:

  1. The very first step for availing these facilities for yourself, is to download the app.
  2.  Once you’ve downloaded the app, ZestMoney will verify your number by sending an OTP to your phone and then ask for your email address.
  3. The third step is to provide them with permissions like SMS, phone calls and your location (which can also be skipped)
  4. The next step is to add your PAN card, which gives them the authority to check your credit information and deal with the formalities of KYC.
  5. The last step is to set up your repayment option (adding your bank) -voila you’re set.

ZestMoney’s payment methods

ZestMoney has made everything available for its users, online. Any user can pay for anything on their cart using the Zero EMI options from ZestMoney using the completely online payment methods with their own choice of EMI plan made available to you by their tie-up brands or partners.

Where can I make payments using ZestMoney Card?

ZestMoney has over eight thousand partners and it is only these brands or sites that will provide you the opportunity for EMIs.

These partners cover all the main five domains of our lives i.e., Fashion, Home, Travel, Gadgets and Edtech.

They have brands like Amazon, MI, One Plus, Boat, Pee safe, Makemytrip, Yatra, Nykaa, Pepe Jeans, Croma, Lee, Decathlon, Wrangler, Buildin, iPhone, Purple, Titan, Cuemath, Udacity, Simplilearn, Uber, UpGrad, Lifestyle, Sleepyhead, Fabindia, Big Bazaar, Allen Solly, FBB, VanHeusen, etc.

ZestMoney allows you to make payments directly on the websites

Once you’ve signed in and got your credit limit approved / activated, you’ve already come halfway to paying for your items. All you got to do after this is, shop for whatever that your heart desires, just select ZestMoney EMI as your payment method on checkout. You will immediately be presented with a few EMI plans to choose from. Once you select a plan at your convenience, it will be sent for approval, which won’t take much time. As soon as the approval comes along, your order will be placed successfully and smoothly.

However, it is to be understood that this can be done only on the brands or sites that are a partner with ZestMoney, moreover the steps may change a little according to the site you are working with.

Is ZestMoney a good platform to get a card from?

ZestMoney is an amazing platform that makes it possible for anyone from any class to experience its life with all the things they wish to have in it. They have made the process of EMI easy and customer friendly for over 300 million Indian citizens who do not have credit or debit cards.

UNI card: it is worth applying for?

UNI card review: Is It Worth Applying for?

UNI card is a new way to get credit on your monthly spending by paying your bills in 3 months in 3 parts. It also gives a 1% cashback if you pay your bills at once.

Now you might be wondering if you should apply for this card or not, but before we decide that let us just dig a little deeper into what the UNI card is?

What is a UNI card?

Nitin Gupta, the founder, and CEO of UNI card has designed of its kind payments cards that lets you pay in 3 parts of all your monthly spending. It is said to be a unique, powerful, and pocket-friendly card.

It is easily applicable with no extra charges, not even a single penny. It is powered by Visa and has RBL and SBM as its banking partners which makes it almost 99.99% accepted in all the merchants anywhere in India.

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How UNI card works?

The bill gets generated after every 30 days and lets you decide if you wish to pay it all at once or divide it into 3 months.

Now to tell you how it works, let us take an example.

Imagine that your monthly bill was around 1500 rupees. So now you will get to decide if you wish to pay it all at once or divide it into 3 parts.

Now, if you decide to pay immediately you get a 1% cashback on your entire bill. However, if you decide on the latter option you get to pay 500 rupees per month.

How to apply for a UNI card?

The procedure of applying for a UNI card is divided into 3 parts after downloading the app which are as follow:

1.Check eligibility criteria of UNI cards – In this first part, your eligibility for this card is checked which gets started with verifying your phone number and email id. Once that is out of the way, you are asked to add your pin code and then your pan card number, name, and date of birth according to the pan card.

After this, you are left with only three things i.e., your gender, marital status, and employment type and with that your eligibility part is complete.

Once you get your eligibility approved, you show your credit score and tell you the limit. Moreover, they also inform you if you are eligible for the 1/3rd UNI card or the 1/2nd UNI card.

2. Complete your KYC – For KYC they ask you to give your Aadhar card number, the phone number that is linked to your account and your father’s name.

After this, they ask you to take a full-faced clear selfie and then show you your Aadhar card, which means your KYC is done.

3. Get the Card – Once you’ve reached this part, all you got to do is add your address and wait for your card to be delivered.

With a UNI card, you get both a digital card and a physical one. Once you complete your steps till the end you will automatically be provided with a digital card that can be used for payments that are both online and offline.

Limited period offer on UNI card

They have a limited period offer where the entirety of the card application and usage is free. This means that there will be no joining or annual chargers however it is a limited period offer only for early customers.

Something UNI card is planning on: Upcoming deals and offers

UNI pay has two big plans that are still in the process of making, and these two things are Scan & Pay and longer EMI plans.

Scan & Pay 

Currently, the UNI card does not have the feature that lets you scan and pay through your credit line at your favorite stores and sites.

Split the bill longer 

At the moment only a 3-month EMI plan is available, but UNI card is working on making 6, 9, 12, and even 18+ months EMI plans for its customers.

How UNI card makes money?

The primary earnings of UNI is through the revenue it gets from merchant partners and from the interest that is charged to its customers in EMIs.

The secondary earnings are from the failure of EMI payments from the customer.

Why is UNI card loved by many?

UNI card is loved by many and there are a lot of reasons for it. Which are: –

  1. Transparent: – UNI card is quite transparent with its customers with all the features and conditions that they provide.
  2. Great user experience: – It is a delightful experience for its customers with over 99% acceptability in all the online and offline merchants and sites that accept a credit or debit card.
  3. Easy onboarding: – The process of applying and starting your journey with a UNI card is very easy and short.
  4. Excellent customer services: – Unlike other credit apps or cards such as Dhani, Slice or Lazypay; UNI card’s customer services are top-notch. Moreover, they provide customer service not just on via emails but also via WhatsApp.
  5. 1/3rd and 1/2nd payment method: – UNI card lets you divide your bills into parts of 3 at no cost at all.
  6. Great flexibility: – It offers its customers a lot of flexibility which means if you miss a payment, they do not charge you anything apart from a late payment fee.

Things to remember before you apply for a UNI card!

Although the UNI card is loved there are quite a few drawbacks that just can’t be ignored.

These are as follows.

  1. No foreign Transactions: – UNI card is not like many other cards that give the chance to transfer, especially internationally.
  2. No withdrawal: – This card does not provide you with withdrawal services which act as a huge drawback for many users.
  3. No wallets: – UNI does not let your load wallets like Paytm, google pay, etc.
  4. Low reward rate: – UNI card offers 1% reward cashback which is compared to banks that offer up to 5% on repayments, moreover this reward is only awarded if you pay your bill all at once.
  5. Hefty late payment fees: – If you forget to pay even a single installment then your late fee is 2.5 times double the amount you might have to pay on other standard credit cards.
  6. Only 3 months: – UNI only provides 2-3 months of EMI plan and nothing more than that, although the plans to extend the duration are still in process.
  7. No use accounts: – If you do not use your card for almost 6 months then UNI can automatically block your card which seems like quite a short duration considering that most of the people who apply for a credit card are for emergencies only.

UNI card VS Slice 

Both UniCard and Slice have their own merits and demerits. Let us compare the two cards together.

Even though both the UNI card and Slice are free to join with no annual fee, Slice is better than the UNI card in a few aspects.

While the UNI card offers a 1% cashback, Slice offers the double. Moreover, Slice offers additional offers for savings named Slice Spark whereas UNI currently has no additional offers for their customers yet.


So now coming back to the question, should you apply for a UNI card?

It is to be understood that the UNI card is one of its kind, but it is not a fully functional primary card or even a credit card at all.

It can just be considered as a prepaid card that if you wish to can keep as an extra card but would not suggest it if you’re looking for a proper functioning card because this card is still working and could use some workup.

UNI cards are BNPL cards.

If you are a beginner and are looking for an easy to use and apply for card then a UNI card is just for you, however, if you are someone who has experience with how these things work then you might find UNI card somewhat of a low quality than many other cards that offer these facilities.

This is just a personal review on the UNI card and is not to undermine or manipulate anyone into not applying for it. The facts are in front of you, the final decision is going to be yours even if you decide to apply for it or not.