US Stocks

How to Invest in US Stock Market from India?

Opportunities to profit occasionally arise in the stock market. Long-term investors now have the chance to broaden their stock portfolio in the largest economy in the world since the US markets are off from their all-time high levels set in November 2021. The US economy and the international markets may currently be experiencing challenges due to growing inflation, yield, and less liquidity. However, over a longer time span, these considerations might not be as significant for long-term investors.

Indians have looked far and wide for methods of making money, including trading in fixed deposits, real estate, bond certificates, and commodities in addition to generating their own assets. Instead of just creating wealth, the emphasis is now on multiplying it.

How to Choose the best US stocks?

You may choose to start by looking at stocks that are listed on the Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, or Dow 30 to get a feel for the US stock market. You must create a trading account with any international brokerage firm, including INDmoney, Vested Finance, and DollarBull, among others.

US Stocks

Simple to open a new account

Opening a foreign trading account with a global brokerage business is a quick and uncomplicated process overall. A form pertaining to LRS of the RBI’s foreign exchange regulations must be filled out in addition to the KYC requirements. With all the paperwork being handled by the overseas brokerage houses, the procedure of purchasing equities on the US stock market is straightforward. You are permitted to contribute money to your trading account and begin purchasing stocks online once your overseas trading account has been approved.

Which Investment Should You Make First?

Since it has the most developed, adaptable, liquid, and effective financial markets in the world, the majority of Indian investors favor the U.S. stock markets when they explore other markets. Businesses in the United States have a competitive advantage thanks to a variety of funding sources, including venture capitalists, angel investors, banks, and investment firms.

Following are a few suggestions:

Mutual funds

Investing in mutual funds registered on markets outside of India, such as those in the US, allows you to invest in global companies as well. Given that you avoid having to go through the procedure of opening an international trading account, this is arguably the simplest way to trade in foreign equities. While U.S. mutual funds provide advantages like portfolio and geographic diversification, they also have their own unique number of risks and rewards. The value of the fund as a whole might be significantly impacted by changes in the country’s market or any sector volatility on the exchange. Additionally, these funds come with both routine charges and expenses related to the global plan in which they are engaging.


Direct investment in stocks necessitates a certain level of experience; otherwise, investors risk suffering losses. However, there are mutual funds and ETFs that you can choose from. By investing in a fund, you can instantly gain access to a number of U.S. equities. By purchasing an ETF that follows these sectors rather than individual equities, you can also gain exposure to market segments like the healthcare or energy industries. Indians are now also eager to trade in theme-based exchange traded funds, which, rather than concentrating on specific sectors, concentrate on emerging concepts. ETFs have lower expense ratios than effectively managed mutual funds since they are passively managed.

Direct Shares

While diversifying the portfolio to the United States adds the much-needed steadiness to the investment portfolio over the long term, the Indian share industry is known for providing investors with long-term growth potential. A local brokerage that has connections to businesses that offer a worldwide investing platform allows you to open a U.S. trading account straight away. In return, these have agreements with international brokers who serve as intermediaries and carry out the deals on your behalf in the global market. Due to this, investing in a worldwide market is a fluid and safe process overall.

US Stocks

Best Platform to Choose for Buying the US stocks

One must exercise great diligence while choosing the best platform provider for his foreign portfolio because there are so many possibilities available in the global investment industry. You should be able to access a safe brokerage account using the platform of your choice, and the digital procedures should be straightforward. The platform should additionally be able to provide a broad selection of stocks and ETFs from various industries on the American stock market. Furthermore, do your homework and pick a platform that is well-known on the international stage and has partnerships with American brokerage houses.

Even if buying US equities seems straightforward, choosing the right company or ETF and developing a long-term holding plan are essential. Because of their inherent volatility, markets seldom experience a straight line of movement. You still retain control over your portfolio’s composition by including the right shares.

To invested in the US market, I use two platforms – INDmoney and Vested Finance. If you want me to compare both the platforms, let me know in the comment section.

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