make money in India as a students

How to Make money in India As a student: 10 best ways out!

Our generation is blessed with things like the internet, skills, relatively supported parents, etc. which makes living better and allows various opportunities to make money in India as a student than it was decades ago. Many today are not afraid to follow their passion and nurture their hobbies. Also, we are getting on a different track from pure Indian culture. 

make money in India as a students

This generation believes in fulfilling their demands rather than adjusting like old fine times. Not for bad but with technology and easier reach of the internet in every area living standards have been changed. To afford that standard one doesn’t believe in relying on their parents for every need as that somewhere involves restrictions and also many do not wanna pressurize elders with extra expenses.

Why is it important for Students to Make Money in 2022?

Being a student earning money nowadays is important and relatively easier too. With a growing world, needs have grown similarly too. People are willing to pay if they are getting their work done exactly as they want it. Starting to earn from the age you enter into a college makes it a good habit. Having a habit of earning money is one which stays for long. 

There are many students who want to start earning but our country doesn’t have a lot of employment opportunities which involve students. Well, such things are changing of course. Still there is time to make it normal as it is in western countries and why not when things change with time they are better as compared to an instant forcible change.

Reasons a student should make money in India

  • Having quite a handful of money makes students realise what it means to earn. Learning such values makes life better and easier.
  • To avoid wasting time it is important to get indulged in things which will be fruitful eventually.
  • One should know how to balance living with earning even without a degree. Degrees should add value not become dependency. 
  • To support additional needs or filthy expenses it is the best way out.

10 Ways to make money in India as a student

So, for all the students who want to earn money for whatever cause – here are the ways to do that.

If you have a hobby – play with it and grow the best out of it

Almost everyone has a hobby like writing, designing, elocute etc. for which many internships, training, freelancing, events are available. All you need to do is use the internet effectively. Do search about the requirement in relation to your hobby, say designing, you can get social media designing work or e-cards designs like stuff and earn enough to meet your expenses. No worries if you do not have such interests we got you covered in later points.

Teach what you are learning or what you have learnt

This is something one can do and grow their future in the same as well. There are many who became famous tutors like this only. Being in fields like medical, mathematics, professional courses (CA,CMA, CS) one has a greater base of knowledge which can be used to share the same with others as tuition. This can help you in two ways. If you are more involved in self-study, you can teach your fellow students who are weak in some particular subject else, your juniors are the key to start your business. Learn and spread knowledge to earn.

Work for a Assignment Writing Company

If you are not good with teaching too, work as an assignment writer as it comes with handsome amount of money for a student. This is a place where you get to do assignments for internal examination using tools in order to avoid plagiarism. That is quite well paying depending on your speed and efficiency. It also does not require you to possess any expertise or knowledge. All you need is time. Using this, you can grow in teams to where you can delegate working once you get your hands on with all the control. Kind of earn through your team. Many assignment companies have huge vacancies.

Use reels not to waste time but to earn fine

One can grow your social media presence using instagram reels. You can make reels by providing knowledge, where areas can be current affairs, answering questions for interviews, sharing news related to bollywood or hollywood, tips and tricks for yoga/ workout/ hairstyles/ makeup, thoughts about what’s trending and how to follow trends in a particular segment, reviews on books, movies, songs, events etc. Here, this is not as easy as you think it is. But consistency is the key for everything one can achieve.

Youtube is similar and another way to earn

Make content for youtube which is in demand. One can use the same ideas as from the above point. Youtube offers you additional services like teaching in private using youtube. Well we all are aware of this as Covid-19 made schools and tuitions do the same. One if great in humour or gaming can use that on youtube too. Those kinds of videos are quite famous on youtube. You can either start your own Youtube channel in different niches you are expert at or make videos for other channels and earn money as a student.

If you have enough time use it in part time physical work

This is totally different from all we were discussing till now. With so many outlets and brands growing in India nominal cost workers are always on demand. You can search for causal timing job roles if you have the same routine. Such jobs can be in outlets like McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza hut or other ones located in malls, shopping centers etc. find a role where you have to do basic stuff like taking orders as who doesn’t know how to use tablets. Else in cosmetic, candy kiosks like something. Here you need to make sure of a few things before you start. That is, your job role must not need expertise, it must be an hourly paid job or you can also go for a job having multiple shifts depending on your free time. Make sure not to mess up with your studies as this will not be your dream job.

If you belong to a metro city go for events happening

Many malls and cafeterias have events going on where they need many skills starting from anchor to artists. You can start by joining events for free or lesser amount of money and continue participating. This work doesn’t need any special skill. Only socialising will make it better in terms of money. Be careful about frauds.

MNCs might need you to take up non operating tasks

This can be an option too. Many big companies need people for CSR activities, volunteers for their events and experiments. Also, many provide training which are paid and also add to your portfolio as a student. For illustration, almost all newspapers need a fun column , many need fresh minds to provide them with creative content. If you have ideas, learn from them. There you can get quite good pocket money.

Be a book/show reviewer

If you are interested in book reading, watching shows, using new products – this is perfect for you. Many websites publishing e-novels need readers to give feedback about how much they liked it. It’s all free; they will provide you with an e-book and you can choose a timeline you will be completing such a book in. similarly, for shows. Best part here is no contractual obligation – one can leave any time and pick up again with free time just login, choose your book, start reading and get paid for telling how much you have liked it with some briefing required. Hence, earning money is easier as a student with this.

You can also post paid reviews

There are many organisations who work for building brand images. Giving money for writing reviews needs nothing other than basic writing skills. This has work based payments. Quite an easy way to get money in your pocket and get knowledge about many things. 

How to Make money in India as a Student?

How much can one make money as a student using such methods ?

Earning depends upon the type of work and industry one is willing to pick up. It may vary in experience and skills too. In case one goes for fixed payment monthly that is easier than the per hour or task wise.

 Where can one find work ?

One can find internships and training from either applying directly through the website of the company you want to approach or if you have nothing in mind use third parties like Internshala, Indeed and so on. For freelancing, approaching companies directly will be more beneficial.

What is the way to make money in India as a student?

Consistency is the key to everything. Making money as a student is the new way you look at the world. Growth needs patience and analytics about how patient one should be and what deal will be profitable at the end of the day. To know about this experience works the best no one can guide you here.

What are the things one should avoid while working as a student?

Few things one shouldn’t do – 

  • Do not switch frequently and solely based on money. Consider other factors too.
  • Do not commit to the work you don’t have time for. Repeated delays can add negative points to your image.
  • Make sure that the way you choose interests you. As making money as a student only works with constant motivation.
  • Do not compromise your study. Keep that your priority.
  • Avoid signing any time bond or anything. Offer letters are different and important to get signed.


Doing work for extra money in hand is not the only task. Taking into account what such work can do for you is also important. Such work must shape your future other than in terms of money and provide you with knowledge. Get something to write in your portfolio and experience the world. That thing must help you to grow and one should enjoy what they do. An important thing to remember is this isn’t your dream job but not also something you shouldn’t try to grow in. 

Happy money making!